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: 1g0g 20.2.2010, 11:06

Cepee Copa 11-16 apa. oca-ep-e
ritual drone party




oce 11 apa. \ o
e 500-600p

epe 13 apa. y The Place
e 500p

ee 16 apa. y Cinema
e 60p

: 1g0g 12.3.2010, 15:15

, !!!

"... I am sorry that I am unable to travel to Russia. I would not have pulled out were I not truly unwell and incapable of making the journey.
I have been ill for over a month and in the last couple of weeks have started to lose blood. I am exhausted all the time and not in any
state to travel or perform.
I will be seeing the doctor again tomorrow and will try to get a medical certificate which I will email to you...."

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